The TAME Grant Explained


Are you worried about the cost of your advertising? Let us tell you how you can access a grant to help you out!

This can be a big worry for any business and can cause level of anxiety throughout the company. But luckily there are now grants available to make it easier for you and your business.

TAME is one of the grants provided by the Local Enterprise Offices (LEO) and it stands for Technical Assistance to Micro Exporters. It enables local businesses to explore and develop new market opportunities.

This grant is aimed at covering part of the costs that can be incurred in investigating and researching export markets, like exhibiting at trade fairs, preparing marketing material and developing websites specifically targeting overseas markets.

How does the grant work?

This initiative was brought in by the EU and rolled out by Local Enterprise Offices as a way of increasing sales for business as well as reducing costs. The main objective of the Website Development Assistance is to ensure SME’S with a size of 10 or less employees maximize their potential through the use of the internet. The internet is a highly important asset to any business and makes it possible to promote goods and services no matter what part of the world your customers are in.

European Union

Its simple, Local Enterprise Offices are rewarding businesses in their area with the LEO grant. This grant is for any business that meets the requirement of being at least 1 year in business and trading online. The grant covers 50% of eligible costs (net of vat) to a maximum of €2,500. Applications must be made prior to any expenditure being incurred. Payments will be made to approved projects on receipt of proof of payment of all qualifying and approved expenses. Successful applicants should consider using an Enterprise Ireland Mentor to develop an export/marketing plan.

How do I know if my company is eligible?

In order to be eligible for the grant you have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Your Enterprise should not be employing more than 10 people;

  • You have to be located within the geographic location of the Local Enterprise Office

  • Your company is operating in the commercial sphere

  • You must demonstrate a market for your proposed product/service

  • Your business has to be engaged in manufacturing or internationally traded services

  • Innovative businesses with prototype products

  • You must not have received any funding for this proposal from any other source

How do I apply for it?

If you want to apply for LEO financial support, you need to contact your local LEO. They will assess your eligibility. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and the level of funding will be decided after the assessment.

If you receive grant aid, you will be included in the list of beneficiaries under Art. 115 (2) of Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013 (Common Provisions Regulation). This list will be updated every six months and can be accessed on the Regional Assembly websites.

What can I do with this Grant?

This grant covers 50% of expenses up to 2500€ for activities or materials that will help your enterprise get noticed abroad. You can use it in case you’re planning to go to a Trade Fair to aid with some of the expenses, in case you need new marketing materials like press kits or brochures and it can also fund a new website that can help you reach new markets overseas.

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