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How Important is New Content for SEO?

In Digital Marketing it’s very common to hear the phrase: “Content Is King.”

Most of us have heard it several times, but not everyone is familiar with its origin or the reason for its longevity. It should come as no surprise that this maxim was originally shared by Bill Gates, who wrote an essay back in 1996 that had that same title “Content is King”.

The version that would make more sense nowadays would need an update “Fresh Content Is King”. This way, it emphasizes the importance of featuring fresh, new content on a regular basis.

Why is fresh content so critical for your website and SEO?

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What is a landing page and what is it used for?

Sometimes a 'landing page' is something similar to a destination page - any page where website visitors land when they reach your site for the first time. In fact, you'll notice there’s a specific report in Google Analytics which examines landing page traffic.

A landing page is also an important way to create inbound marketing and lead generation. It's a web page specifically designed to help you convert visitors to your site into leads since it’s supposed to provide you with all the means required for capturing this visitor’s email address.

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Is Influencing Marketing still a good investment?

Every year we see new trends in digital marketing, and some strategies can and will go out of style.

Influencing marketing has been around for a very long time, but it has only become popular in recent years and it has seen some incredible successes but also a few big failures.

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Why is it important to have a Community Manager?

Community management is often mistaken for social media management, and while it’s definitely a key part of any social media strategy, managing your community becomes more urgent the bigger your customer base gets.

Community management is mostly about relationships and how your brand seizes opportunities interact with your community in public online spaces.

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Top 10 Business Twitter Accounts that you should follow as an Entrepreneur

The world wide web is vast and full of information that can be extremely helpful for an entrepreneur. So much so that it can be overwhelming to know which sources are to be trusted, what information is relevant and will actually help improve your business.

Thankfully, Twitter is the social media platform where you can follow the curated contents of people who have been around for long and are at the forefront of business, marketing or whatever area you’re interested in. It even allows you to directly interact with them if you want to. Some might even be willing to answer any questions or doubts you may have regarding your business.

Here are some suggestions of Twitter accounts that you should follow if you want your newsfeed to be filled with relevant content that will help you grow.

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