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Increase your traffic through strategic marketing

Wanting to increase traffic on your site can sometimes be more complicated than expected. Despite what many marketing tips claim, your customers are never completely predictable. A strategy that has been proven so far can suddenly be ineffective and threaten your visibility, or an editorial strategy that has not paid off can suddenly blow up your traffic.

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Top 5 tips on how to write powerful-engaging ads

If you want to grow your business online, then you need to attract traffic. That is only possible if you have a strong ad campaign that can attract more visitors to your website. If you want to hire more people in your team, then eye-grabbing ads can help you find the right fit for your organization. Here are a few tips to help you create engaging ads.

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Hiring the Right Digital Agency

Do you need someone to take care of your marketing strategy so that you can dedicate yourself to growing your business? You need to analyse the agency can solve your problems, help you get new clients, increase your income, in short, to achieve your goals, meet your plans, and overcome your challenges.

So, take a look at the following key points of your marketing strategy.

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How to create an engaging website?

Content is the centrepiece of your communication on the internet. Do you want to be visible on the internet? Attract more people to your website and win new customers? Everything happens by creating content. However, it is important to offer quality web content for internet users. Here's the recipe to follow to create the perfect content.

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Are Social Media Stories Worthwhile?

Social media may seem a bit cold and impersonal at times, especially when we want to use it to establish and nurture relationships with clients. Sometimes, that may be only due to a lack of savvyness on how to adequately use these platforms to your best advantage as a business.

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Fast Landing Page Benefits

An effective landing page is a great way to directly influence your campaigns, research projects, product creation, future sales, and customer service initiatives. It’s a great way to gather relevant data about your audience that you can then use to better cater to their needs.

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Outsourcing Digital Marketing: Benefits

Digital marketing is probably one of the fastest developing fields in today’s advertising landscape, and it has taken over the world.  It is nearly impossible to know every key component of an effective digital marketing strategy as it comprises numerous features and limitless possibilities.

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The Benefits of Turning Digital

We know that the world is constantly changing. Technology is developing at increasingly faster rates and both businesses and consumers struggle to keep up with it at times. Digital connectivity is simultaneously bringing the world closer together while highlighting what makes everything different.

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Is SEO dead?!

Every few years, some people within the digital marketing industry discuss the possibility of SEO being dead, or nearly.  Frankly, with an estimated value of over $70 billion dollars, SEO won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Even though these rumors are generally false, they do hold bits of truth. While SEO definitely isn’t dead, over the years, some of its elements have either become obsolete or evolved into something new.

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Adfront's Happy Clients: Sweeneys Garage

Sweeney’s Garage are one of the most well known car and light commercial vehicle servicing provider in Ireland.
They provide a range of services to keep customers on the road including: tyres, wheel alignment, brakes, exhausts, N.C.T pre testing, diagnostics, electrics and alternators.

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Equality in the Workplace

Equality in the workplace simply means that everyone receives fair treatment and has access to the same opportunities. When every situation in the workplace is dealt with in a transparent way, everyone knows what to expect in terms of consequences and rewards for their performances. 

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A Landing Page Explained

Sometimes a 'landing page' is something similar to a destination page - any page where website visitors land when they reach your site for the first time. In fact, you'll notice there’s a specific report in Google Analytics which examines landing page traffic. A landing page is also an important way to create inbound marketing and lead generation.

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Influencing Marketing Benefits

Every year we see new trends in digital marketing, and some strategies can and will go out of style.

Influencing marketing has been around for a very long time, but it has only become popular in recent years and it has seen some incredible successes but also a few big failures.

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