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Adfront's Happy Clients: Sweeneys Garage

Sweeney’s Garage are one of the most well known car and light commercial vehicle servicing provider in Ireland.
They provide a range of services to keep customers on the road including: tyres, wheel alignment, brakes, exhausts, N.C.T pre testing, diagnostics, electrics and alternators.

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The Benefits of Branded Content

Digital Marketing is an essential part of a brand’s communication and marketing strategy.. The thing is, everyone is already on it. That means the internet and all its most popular websites or social media platforms are now crawling with display ads and other online advertising mediums.

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The Best Social Media platforms

Social Media and its importance to a company's communication strategy has been steadily growing and evolving for the past few years.

If we take all the social media platforms into account, they connect literally billions of people nowadays.

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Why Focus on Digital?

In the past few years, Digital Marketing has become much more than an afterthought in a company’s marketing plan. It is now a quintessential part of a company’s identity, market positioning and its relationship with customers.

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Outsourcing Your Marketing Efforts

Digital Marketing should be a key component of a company's Marketing strategy since it allows the business to specifically target and reach a broader audience interested in purchasing their products or services. It also can generate leads & facilitate transactions if done by seasoned professionals.

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Top 10 KPIs to Follow

If you are wondering what a KPI is, it’s basically what you should pay attention to if you want your business to flourish. The acronym stands for Key Performance Indicators, and as you can tell by the name, they are the factors you need to take into account while managing your business.

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Facebook Ads? Yes, No, Maybe?

In only a couple of years, Facebook has grown immensely and has gathered an impressive 2.27 billion users. With such a huge platform, it was only a matter of time until advertising services were made available to everyone, from businesses to personalities, political parties, venues, artists, etc.

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