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The Benefits of Branded Content

Digital Marketing is an essential part of a brand’s communication and marketing strategy.. The thing is, everyone is already on it. That means the internet and all its most popular websites or social media platforms are now crawling with display ads and other online advertising mediums.

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The Best Social Media platforms

Social Media and its importance to a company's communication strategy has been steadily growing and evolving for the past few years.

If we take all the social media platforms into account, they connect literally billions of people nowadays.

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Google Product Changes

It may seem impossible but Adwords was launched nearly 18 years ago today, and since then a lot has changed, Google multiplied its platforms, and regulary improved them. In July Google Adwords changed their name to Google Ads, but don't be scared, it is not a brand new platform.

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What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used to help grow the organic visibility online via a non-paid search engine result.  SEO affects not only a search engine position result but paid traffic pricing via google ranking helping a business become more noticed.

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Why Us?

Adfront was set up in January 2018 and is a new initiative set up by the Irish Independent News and Media, Our team consists of director Ross Conlon. In our office, Andrew Wade, our Managing Director, is always available with any questions you may have.

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