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The 6 Most Spoken about Companies in Dublin

The way Dublin has evolved in the past years is inspiring to say the least.

Not too long ago, the city was far from being considered the ideal place to move to and start your career. Right now it has some of the most inviting workplaces around making it a prime choice for the ambitious and talented.

The startup ecosystem is thriving and is one of the liveliest, with the greatest potential for growth in the world. There are numerous startups with very promising ideas to solve problems for both businesses and people alike.

Here are some of the most remarkable Dublin startups to keep your eyes on at the moment.

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How Women are Changing the Tech Industry

In the past few years, Digital Marketing has become much more than an afterthought in a company’s marketing plan.

It is now a quintessential part of a company’s identity, market positioning and its relationship with customers.

With that in mind and considering how simple it is nowadays to outsource these services, it is definitely worth considering that option.

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