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The Local Enterprise Offices (LEO) are supplying a range of financial supports to assist with SME’S growth and development. The range of these support focus on limited companies, individuals/ sole trader, cooperatives and partnerships who employee no more than 10 employees. There are a number of grants available that may suit your business. We have listed them below.

  • Technical Assistance for Micro Exports

  • Feasibility Study Grants

  • Priming Grants

  • Business Expansion Grants

  • European Globalization Fund

  • New Agile Innovation Fund

Technical Assistance for Micro Exports is a Local Enterprise grant that Adfront can assist in. In is the most relevant grant when it comes to investing in a companies marketing plan.

TAME is one of the grants provided by the Local Enterprise Offices (LEO) and it stands for Technical Assistance to Micro Exporters. It enables clients to explore and develop new market opportunities. This grant is aimed at covering part of the costs that can be incurred in investigating and researching export markets, like exhibiting at Trade Fairs, preparing marketing material and developing websites specifically targeting overseas markets.

How does the grant work?

The grant covers 50% of eligible costs (net of vat) to a maximum of €2 500. Applications must be made prior to any expenditure being incurred. Payments will be made to approved projects on receipt of proof of payment of all qualifying and approved expenses. Successful applicants should consider using an Enterprise Ireland Mentor to develop an export/marketing plan.

How do I know if my company is eligible?

LEO Grant

In order to be eligible for the grant you have to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Your Enterprise should not be employing more than 10 people

  2. You have to be located within the geographic location of the Local Enterprise Office

  3. Your company is operating in the commercial sphere

  4. You must demonstrate a market for your proposed product/service

  5. Your business has to be engaged in manufacturing or internationally traded services

  6. Innovative businesses with prototype products

  7. You must not have received any funding for this proposal from any other source

How do I Apply for it?

If you want to apply for LEO financial support, you need to contact your local LEO. They will assess your eligibility. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and the level of funding will be decided after the assessment.

If you receive grant aid, you will be included in the list of beneficiaries under Art. 115 (2) of Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013 (Common Provisions Regulation). This list will be updated every six months and can be accessed on the Regional Assembly websites.

What can I do with this Grant?

This grant covers 50% of expenses up to €2,500 for activities or materials that will help your enterprise get noticed abroad. You can use it in case you’re planning to go to a Trade Fair to aid with some of the expenses, in case you need new marketing materials like press kits or brochures and it can also fund a new website that can help you reach new markets overseas.

Here at Adfront.io we can help you with that last bit. We have a dedicated team of web developers ready to build the website your business needs to take that leap to new horizons. Feel free to contact us and so we can come up with the perfect online business card your business could ask for.

Leo Grant

LEO Grant Contacts

Phone: 01 8900 800

Email: info@leo.fingal.ie

Phone:01 414 9000


Phone:01 204 7083


Phone:045 980838


Phone:0404 30800


Phone:046 9027356


Phone:1890 202 303

Email: info@leo.louthcoco.ie

Phone:047 84786


Phone:049 4377200


Phone:044 9338945


Phone:057935 7480


Pre NCT costs €45.00, it takes 1 hour approx and we give a written report.

If you go and have your car tested, you can bring us in the report we will gladly look over it and advise. Sweeneys garage has a policy if we carry out any repair and the car fails, after work is carried out we will refund the next re test fee and offer to use our time to take your car for the re test.


✔ Service Brake Pedal
✔ Service Brake Operation (Inspection inside the Vehicle)
✔ Mechanical Brake Hand Lever
✔ Parking Brake Performance
✔ Brake Fluid – Brake Lines / Hoses Brake
✔ Wheel Units – Mechanical Brake Components – Master Cylinders / Servo / Valves / Connections


✔ Exhaust Lambda sensor
✔ Exhaust System / Noise

Wheels: Tyres

✔ Tyre Condition
✔ Tyre Specification

Mechanical Brake Hand Lever

✔ Tyre Tread – Wheels

✔ Spare Wheel and Carrier

✔ Wheel Bearings Wheels: Tyres

✔ Stop Lamps

✔ Rear Lamps

✔ Registration Plate Lamps

✔ Indicators / Tell Tales – Side Lamps

✔ Headlamp Condition

✔ Headlamp Aim

✔ Aux Lamp Condition

✔ Aux Lamp Aim

✔ Reflectors Steering : Suspension

✔ Steering Wheel Play

✔ Front Axle Suspension bushes

✔ Rear Axle Suspension bushes

✔ Steering Linkage

✔ Front Springs

✔ Shock Absorber Condition

✔ Rear Suspension – Rear Springs

Chassis: Under body

✔ Doors, Locks

✔ Anti-theft devices

✔ Bodywork – Chassis condition

✔ Under body condition Electric

✔ Horn

✔ Electrical System

Glass : Mirrors

✔ Windscreen Wipers and Washers

✔ Glass, windscreen and all glass condition

✔ Rear View Mirrors


✔ Transmission, leaks and general condition


✔ Seats and anchorage

✔ Speedometer

✔ Safety Belts


✔ Fuel System, leaks

✔ Line condition


✔ Registration Plates

✔ Towing Bracket / Coupling

We offer the above complete pre NCT for €45.00. If repairs are required we will give you a written quotation and agree the price before any work is carried out. If in the unlikely event that your car fails the test, bring it to us and we will take the €45 off any repairs that are needed.

A pre NCT inspection does not guarantee a pass when you visit the centre, however it will significantly increase your chances of a pass.

Did you know if your engine is very low on oil or very overfilled the NCT will not do the smoke test which is a complete waste of your money.

Our advice is to go to one of Sweeneys garage’s and get a free inspection and we will pick up on this situation.


Mobile Responsive

Our web design experts are able to ensure that your website content is automatically adjusted for optimal viewing based on the device size.

There is also the added bonus that Google improves your page ranking when your site design is responsive.

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SEO Optimized

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is increasing your website rank in search engines for your targeted keywords and pages.

You may have an attractive website, but if it can’t be found on Google, what good is it?

Our web design packages come equipped with SEO optimisation meaning we focus on the exact keywords you want your site to be found for in order to get your site to the top of the search rankings.

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User Friendly

At Adfront, we build your website with your target audience in mind which will enable you to reach the right customers for your business.

Simple things such as adding a link to your contact number (click to call) as opposed to just having your number there without a link, as well as ensuring your menu is not too long, all enhance the user experience of your website.


Goal Orientated

We will have an in depth conversation with you before we start building your website to ensure we fully understand what goals you want to achieve with your new website.

We offer a free consultation so we will meet you and together we will decide what is the best approach to take for your new site as well as establishing who your target audience is which will then enable us to work on the best possible website for your business.


Cost Effective

All our websites are cost effective with our prices starting from €200 excluding the hosting fee of €35 per month. You just pay a deposit upfront .


Sample Quote

Service Description Cost
Website Up to 10 professionally designed pages
12 Months Hosting
New or transfer domain name
Professional email address
Google My Business listing
Secure with SSL certificate
Mobile responsive design
Engaging content that showcases your business
Dedicated support
Hosting and all platform management
GDPR compliance ready
Google Ads Create Google AdWords account
Design targeted keyword list
Create Google campaign, Ad texts and trackable URL

Our Impact on our Client’s Business